Because You Deserve More!
About Us:

Time is our most precious commodity, as there is always so much
to do, and so little time. At CLS, we help our clients make the
most of their time to promote a healthy balance between work
and life. We not only provide exceptional time management
solutions, but a lifestyle that grants more time for the moments
that matter.

We help achieve this by allowing our clients to control their time
more efficiently through offering Personal Service solutions such
as Premium Green Cleaning, Pet Services, Organizational
Assistance, Property Staging, and a lot more. Think of CLS as your
own personal assistant that focuses solely on ways to help make
your home and work life easier.

At CLS, a strong partnership is our commitment to you and is
why we are owner operated. We put forth every effort to insure a
trusting relationship for years to come, as we strive to make life
easier. Our mission is to provide the highest level of service in
the industry, while freeing your time to enjoy the finer things in

We want to fully understand your ideas, objectives, concerns,
and needs, as you are our number one priority. Contemporary
Living Services was founded on the principles of open
communication, customer service, and total satisfaction. When
life happens...CLS is committed to custom designed solutions
molded to meet and exceed our clients’ individual needs.
I appreciate your consideration and look forward to serving you
with the highest quality results and customer service possible.

Best Regards,

Neal Franklin
Contemporary Living Services